Ocean Gliders Live Missions

Robotic Observations and Modelling of the Marginal Ice Zone

Autonomous platforms are in the water again. Follow the spring deployment here!


Annually, 18 million km2 of ice grows and melts around Antarctica. We have limited knowledge of the ocean within, and at the edge, of this enormous sea-ice impacted domain of the Southern Ocean. The surface ocean processes are poorly quantified due to a lack of observations made at the right time and space scales. These scale gaps have been recognised by the science community as a key link towards improving our understanding of the sensitivity of the Southern Ocean to climate change. ROAM-MIZ is multi-institutional initiative to observe the full seasonal cycle of the upper ocean in the MIZ near the Greenwich Meridian.

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Sea Surface Temperature - zoom

Sea Surface Temperature - MIZ

SST Gradient

Sea Surface Temperature

Sea Surface Height

Geostrophic Currents

Swift Buoys

Latest windfield

Latest glider output from SG640




Latest glider output from SG537



Sailbuoy (not active)

ROAM-MIZ is a project endorsed by the Southern Ocean Observing System

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